We’ve tried to make applying for a rental property as easy as possible. This online application form is split into 6 sections. Make sure you read every section carefully and provide all the required information.
Before you get started, you’re going to need a couple of things.
First, you’ll need 100 points of identification.

If you don’t have electronic copies of these documents, don’t worry. Just complete the form and bring your identification into our office to finalise your application.

Second, every tenancy application must be accompanied by a signature.
Option 1 - Upload files and sign on screen

You can upload your identification documents and sign on screen, you’ll need to sign using a touchscreen or mouse.

Option 2 - Print and sign

Print it, complete and sign it, scan the signed copy and email it to leasingconsultant@independent.com.au or drop it into our office. If you select this option you can attach other required documents to the email or the copy that has been printed out.

Address 1: 
   Viewed:  Viewed: 
   Weekly Rental: $ Weekly Rental: $
Address 2: 
   Viewed:  Viewed: 
   Weekly Rental: $ Weekly Rental: $
Address 3: 
   Viewed:  Viewed: 
   Weekly Rental: $ Weekly Rental: $
Address 4: 
   Viewed:  Viewed: 
   Weekly Rental: $ Weekly Rental: $
Address 5: 
   Viewed:  Viewed: 
   Weekly Rental: $ Weekly Rental: $
  Additional Address
Number of persons who wish to occupy the premises: Adults:   Children:  
Name(s) of other Applicant(s): 
I wish to apply for tenancy for a period of   weeks commencing on  
Number of pet(s) 
        Type     Type  Type 
        Age(s)  Age(s) 
(PLEASE NOTE: Pets are not permitted in units or townhouses unless written authorisation is provided by both the Body Corporate and the owner)
Note: Each person over the age of eighteen (18) years who intend to occupy the premises must supply a separate tenancy application form.